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Zhou Yaoxia pointed fifa 18 cheap coins out

Zhou Yaoxia pointed out that the Henan natural scenery colorful and diverse, North South East West fifa 18 cheap coins, Jun Kuo, has the world’s 4 geological parks, National Geological Park has 7, 5A level fifa 18 cheap coins spots 13, 4A level scenic spots 132, the number of ranked the forefront of the country Zhou Yaoxia stressed that since the last century since 80s, actively promote the fifa 18 cheap coins industry in both Henan and Japan, cultural exchanges and cooperation in tourism development. For a long time, Japan nhl 18 hut coins for sale been the main market of inbound tourism fifa 18 cheap coins Henan in 2016, Henan province received 135 thousand and 100 tourists in Japan, the scale behind South Korea. At the same time, Japan is also Chinese tourists (Henan) fifa 18 cheap coins one of the most love tourist destination. Zhou Yaoxia finally said, we sincerely invite you to come to Henan to explore the Chinese civilization of light, to experience fifa 18 cheap coins Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi charm to the feelings of modern Henan buy madden 18 coins. Wang Wei said in his speech, the Henan traffic and tourism together, airlines and fifa 18 cheap coins industry together,

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