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the screen is Jin coins on fifa 18 M7 6.01 inches

resolution up to 1080*2160, accounting for 85% of coins on fifa 18 screen, the screen is Jin M7 6.01 inches, but its body size and currently on the market mainstream 5.5 inch screen coins on fifa 18 phone so full screen mobile phone, not much difference between, non full screen models have a broader vision, which can bring more advantages. Jin M7. Experience with coins on fifa 18 current market top AMOLED screen, its DCI-P3 (also the Hollywood film making unified standard) color gamut coverage is close to 100%, resulting in a more realistic and coins on fifa 18 perfect color reduction; and has dynamic video HDR regulation, presents a clearer picture of the details of the.AMOLED screen has a wide nhl 18 hut coins gamut, peak high coins on fifa 18, color reproduction and color pure quasi advantages, is currently the highest quality.2017 screen mobile phone industry recognized the year for mobile phone coins on fifa 18, the screen resources are very tight, the best quality AMOLED full screen upstream cheap coins fifa by various manufacturers berserk,

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