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Teach you how to do jewelry with and How to choose their own jewelry?

For women, jewelry is as essential as cosmetics, more or less, or simple or complicated, the performance of the mantra is a woman’s mood. The designers know women more than women, every year will introduce some popular styles, so that women even if the piles of jewelry can not control also want to have the desire.

Jewelry is a must for each woman, or mature and elegant, or fashion Cartier love bracelet replica avant-garde, a jewelry for their own always give us the icing on the cake, he from the most details of the show the charming beauty of women. How to choose their own jewelry?

one. Choose a jewelry should be based on the face of different people choose different jewelry: narrow face with light-colored earrings, wearing light-colored flash-type short or multi-set necklace; triangular face with flashing small earrings, Dai long necklace; Inverted triangle face with earrings, caution with long pendant necklace; round face is equipped with falling earrings and longer falling necklace. Dark skin should not wear ivory, pearl color and other bright too high jewelry, black skin is appropriate amber, agate, copper and other warm jewelry; black and red skin is appropriate gold, diamonds, amethyst and other dark jewelry, Ornaments.

1, goose egg type: that is, oval face, optional range of a wide range of dress, comb hair long hair, wearing a red gem ring ring gives a charming soft feeling, short hair to wear small green gem ear plugs will appear very elegant;

2, melon type: the top (or round) under the cut or the amount of large jaw tip, suitable for wearing a variety of jewelry face, you can wear large duo ear plug or pendant concise ring, necklace should be thin and short, Increase the width of the jaw and avoid the feeling that the face is stretched.

3, rectangular: This type of face is characterized by the upper and lower, the middle length, so wear ornaments should be appropriate to increase the width of the face horizontal midline, for this, choose to wear large and dazzling inlaid jewelery or short Falling round earrings make the ears larger, the face looks wider. But do not wear ring, so as not to form the next big small triangle face.

4, round: the principle of decoration is to narrow the cheeks, up and down the upper part of the hair can rely on the hair to improve the high pad to solve the lower part will have to wear slender necklace to elongate, earrings are not too large The

5, triangular: This is a cut on the bottom of the wide cheek face, dress up more difficult, the general principle of dressing is to increase the width of the upper face, through the amount of hair and hair to make up, earrings should not be large , Necklace should not be short, should not be fine Cartier love ring replica , because the long necklace can play to extend the jaw to change the effect.

Second, according to the different temperament and choose different jewelry;

(1) naive type: this kind of character is carefree, childish, should choose the color of simple and bright jewelry, such as light green, pink gem and ice floating green jade jade and so on.

(2) charming type: this kind of gentle personality, easy to shy, should choose the shape of sleek, soft color, full of warmth of jewelry. Will appear warmth, full of charm.

(3) Unrestrained type: this person bold and bold personality, informal, should use large and rough with dynamic and irritating jewelry. Such as men wearing thick cowboy gold chain or silver chain, plus Maitreya Buddha or big buckle; women should wear big chicken heart, big Guanyin and ears of the big ring and so on.

(4) bold type: this character character resolute, act decisively. It is easy to use the shape of the abstract and rhythm sense of strong jewelry.

Third, the choice of jewelry to consider the different skin color and different:

People’s skin color is white, yellow, red, black and delicate, rough points, we are in different colors for customers with jewelry accessories should pay attention to the color and color of the relationship between the skin, so that the wearer is more beautiful and moving:

  1. White skin: white skin, pink people in principle can wear any color jewelry, and particularly suitable for wearing soft colors of precious stones, these light-colored gemstones and white skin match more to highlight the wearer’s beauty and elegance.
  2. Skin color partial yellow: the skin yellowish people choose Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry can be considered when the warm colors of those red, orange, orange, etc., these colors are deeper than the skin color, and skin color coordination, can show a deep and heavy , You can also choose light blue jewelry, because the light blue can be set off the yellow skin white, charming
  3. Skin color partial black: skin color is dark and rough people generally not suitable for wearing light-colored jewelry, can choose with the color close to the color jewelry, but also choose a contrast with the skin color is very bright jewelry.
  4. Color reddish: skin reddish people try to choose light green, pink and white jewelry, to increase the vitality of the skin color.


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