Teach you how to do jewelry with and How to choose their own jewelry?

For women, jewelry is as essential as cosmetics, more or less, or simple or complicated, the performance of the mantra is a woman’s mood. The designers know women more than women, every year will introduce some popular styles, so that women even if the piles of jewelry can not control also want to have the desire.

Jewelry is a must for each woman, or mature and elegant, or fashion Cartier love bracelet replica avant-garde, a jewelry for their own always give us the icing on the cake, he from the most details of the show the charming beauty of women. How to choose their own jewelry?

one. Choose a jewelry should be based on the face of different people choose different jewelry: narrow face with light-colored earrings, wearing light-colored flash-type short or multi-set necklace; triangular face with flashing small earrings, Dai long necklace; Inverted triangle face with earrings, caution with long pendant necklace; round face is equipped with falling earrings and longer falling necklace. Dark skin should not wear ivory, pearl color and other bright too high jewelry, black skin is appropriate amber, agate, copper and other warm jewelry; black and red skin is appropriate gold, diamonds, amethyst and other dark jewelry, Ornaments.

1, goose egg type: that is, oval face, optional range of a wide range of dress, comb hair long hair, wearing a red gem ring ring gives a charming soft feeling, short hair to wear small green gem ear plugs will appear very elegant;

2, melon type: the top (or round) under the cut or the amount of large jaw tip, suitable for wearing a variety of jewelry face, you can wear large duo ear plug or pendant concise ring, necklace should be thin and short, Increase the width of the jaw and avoid the feeling that the face is stretched.

3, rectangular: This type of face is characterized by the upper and lower, the middle length, so wear ornaments should be appropriate to increase the width of the face horizontal midline, for this, choose to wear large and dazzling inlaid jewelery or short Falling round earrings make the ears larger, the face looks wider. But do not wear ring, so as not to form the next big small triangle face.

4, round: the principle of decoration is to narrow the cheeks, up and down the upper part of the hair can rely on the hair to improve the high pad to solve the lower part will have to wear slender necklace to elongate, earrings are not too large The

5, triangular: This is a cut on the bottom of the wide cheek face, dress up more difficult, the general principle of dressing is to increase the width of the upper face, through the amount of hair and hair to make up, earrings should not be large , Necklace should not be short, should not be fine Cartier love ring replica , because the long necklace can play to extend the jaw to change the effect.

Second, according to the different temperament and choose different jewelry;

(1) naive type: this kind of character is carefree, childish, should choose the color of simple and bright jewelry, such as light green, pink gem and ice floating green jade jade and so on.

(2) charming type: this kind of gentle personality, easy to shy, should choose the shape of sleek, soft color, full of warmth of jewelry. Will appear warmth, full of charm.

(3) Unrestrained type: this person bold and bold personality, informal, should use large and rough with dynamic and irritating jewelry. Such as men wearing thick cowboy gold chain or silver chain, plus Maitreya Buddha or big buckle; women should wear big chicken heart, big Guanyin and ears of the big ring and so on.

(4) bold type: this character character resolute, act decisively. It is easy to use the shape of the abstract and rhythm sense of strong jewelry.

Third, the choice of jewelry to consider the different skin color and different:

People’s skin color is white, yellow, red, black and delicate, rough points, we are in different colors for customers with jewelry accessories should pay attention to the color and color of the relationship between the skin, so that the wearer is more beautiful and moving:

  1. White skin: white skin, pink people in principle can wear any color jewelry, and particularly suitable for wearing soft colors of precious stones, these light-colored gemstones and white skin match more to highlight the wearer’s beauty and elegance.
  2. Skin color partial yellow: the skin yellowish people choose Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry can be considered when the warm colors of those red, orange, orange, etc., these colors are deeper than the skin color, and skin color coordination, can show a deep and heavy , You can also choose light blue jewelry, because the light blue can be set off the yellow skin white, charming
  3. Skin color partial black: skin color is dark and rough people generally not suitable for wearing light-colored jewelry, can choose with the color close to the color jewelry, but also choose a contrast with the skin color is very bright jewelry.
  4. Color reddish: skin reddish people try to choose light green, pink and white jewelry, to increase the vitality of the skin color.


Ring and skin color

Skinny yellow people are not suitable for wearing purple and rose ring, if you love, you can choose the golden ring, you can cover up the color of the shortcomings.

Skinny pink people wearing orange ring is also possible, but not too obvious, white ring is very appropriate.


Ring, watch, bracelet (bracelet) how to match

The same hand wearing a variety of rings, bracelets, bracelets, will appear cumbersome, so also to avoid the best is a ring, a bracelet (bracelet) the most Cartier nail bracelet replica simple and pure.

The same metal watch and bracelet (bracelet), worn in his hand will be tickling, but also likely to cause the watch and bracelet (bracelet) friction. So, it is best to wear separately, if it is soft bracelet can match with the watch.


Earrings with the match



Earrings of the shape and face with the match

Round face type people should not wear round earrings, it will make the face look too full, it is appropriate to use a long sagging square or triangular earrings.


Long face type people can wear round earrings to adjust the facial image, so that the face full of moving.


Square face type is suitable for wearing a small exquisite earrings or narrow earrings, but also can wear exaggerated big earrings to show unrestrained character.


Face larger, should not use a round earrings, can wear a little bit of earrings, close to the ears, but also can wear triangular earrings to reduce the wide sense of face


Face smaller, it is appropriate to use medium-sized Replica Cartier jewelry earrings, the length of not more than two centimeters.


Earrings and clothing with:

Career women work class subtle, embellishment style earrings with suit, both with beautiful women, but also dignified and stable. Exaggerated geometric earrings and denim clothing, jackets match, of course, make people full of bold modern.



Earrings and hair coordination:

Long hair and narrow earrings can be used to show ladies style; short hair and delicate earrings with women can set off the smart; stay asymmetrical hairstyle of women, such as wearing a large earrings, can play a balance, Classical hair with pendant earrings make people elegant and noble.


Earrings and body type with:

Short stature of women, such as wearing ear-shaped small ear-shaped earrings, will look elegant, delicate, exquisite. Such as wearing a pendant earrings, due to the visual orientation of the move down, the body will appear shorter; tall women, wearing earrings or large earrings, can add beauty.

Women who wear glasses should not wear large earrings, because the glasses have occupied a larger area in the face, such as wearing a small ear decorated with embellishment, the size of the scattered, do not have fun.


Pendant color matching skills

Pendants to wear in particular with the attention to match with the clothing. As long as the master of the color skills, you can become a self, in the pendant to wear on a new higher realm.




Here to teach you a few pendant with the method:

Su silver pendant to come with a set of open mouth dark black or plain white fashion, there will be a mysterious feeling;

Similarly, the kind of black and white stripes and black and white box of clothes, you can also color pendant to match, the effect is amazing.

If you are wearing a white dress, you can use any of a pendant to match.


Bracelet, brooch with

Bracelets in recent years is quite popular from www.ourlovestore.com . If you have a beautiful slender arm and a small wrist. The bracelet should be worn close to the wrist. If the arm is too thin, you should wear a small bracelet or bracelet, and do not wear large, or large bracelet will make too thin arm look more skinny. If your fingers are fat short, nails beautiful, bracelets will wear a little higher, people pay attention to leave the hand. Arm and wrist slightly thick female, should wear wide and thick bracelet. In general, the more bracelets, the more wrist and arm look small.


Brooch and corsage with

Texture is only suitable for formal places, usually wear or simple style, small size of the style. So easy to wear the location of the chest, if not in the collar, waist handbag, is also very cute.

Cartier has also transformed from a single jeweler to a fashion leader covering the high-level jewelry

Innovation never stops

As the third generation of the Cartier family representatives, both the artist’s temperament and genius of the business mind of the eldest son Louis will Cartier to a new

the height of. Unlike the luxury Cartier love bracelet replica that are proud of traditional techniques and tradition, Louis has given Cartier more innovative elements. In 1910, Cartier for the Belgian Queen Elizabeth II designed to produce a scroll shape and royal crown as the theme of the crown. This also marks the world’s first with platinum with diamonds of Cartier has these symbolic pattern performance superb, showing the Cartier extremely exquisite jewelry process.

From the beginning of the twentieth century, Louis Cartier learned some of the design inspiration and style from Egypt, Persia, the Far East and the Russian ballet (the Ballets russes), and tried to use new materials such as agate and corals, thus forming a new The artistic style. This style in 1925 held in Paris after the International Exhibition of modern decoration and arts and crafts, known as the “Art Deco” (Art Deco), and further lead the trend of art and fashion at that time.

In 1912, Cartier “charm magic” clock came out, the most beautiful works are six porch bells and twelve Chinese bells. These clocks for Cartier’s extraordinary significance, known as the priceless treasure of the watch industry. In 1924, Louis Cartier for the famous poet Jean Cocteau designed a unique and innovative Cartier three-ring ring, surrounded by three gold ring symbolizes: friendship (platinum), loyalty (gold) and love (rose gold) The After that, this swept the world’s design is used in Cartier’s more watch and accessories design. Under the leadership and management of Louis Cartier, such innovations are different, and Cartier has also transformed from a single jeweler to a fashion leader covering the high-level jewelry, watches and accessories market.

Time is like a white horse. 160 years later, Cartier’s dedication to change is still as ever. “Cartier is a monster with only 10 legs.To win the enemy in the market environment to win, it is necessary to take the lead in action before others,” said Cartier’s current global president Bernard Fernas said.

And in the Chinese market, it is Cartier never stop the pioneer of the modern version of the posture. Although Cartier does not recognize is to cater to Chinese consumers, but both PASHA series to the classic PASHERE series have shown a clear Chinese characteristics, especially in the “Dragon Kiss” series, Chinese characters, dragon, flower window, wishful And even the Chinese gods are in the form of a blend of milk in its jewelry design. On a certain level, the meaning of China for Cartier is the future, Cartier love ring replica apparently want China to bring its opportunities as two centuries ago in France. The only difference is that Cartier’s current focus has shifted from the nobility to the civilian population.

In Cartier’s view, the classic meaning does not mean high above it, in addition to its unique, but also means always different. And continuous innovation and revolution, it is the best way to maintain this difference. Therefore, Cartier can only never slack off.

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