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From the wounded buy fifa 18 coins to the weight

From the wounded to the weight of heavy buy fifa 18 coins, from armed raid to pass through the poisonous area, in the multi-subject coherent training, the officers and men buy fifa 18 coins accept the physical limits and bloody will comprehensive test. Concerned about the heat of the event is not reduced, to join the training fifa coins the drums have been buy fifa 18 coins. “As the preparation of the system to adjust the first builders of the Brigade, we are to celebrate the victory of the party held the joy of the nineteenth victory into training buy fifa 18 coins pride!” The political commissar Wang Zhanjun told reporters. Night temperature steep drop, armored vehicles inside the gas into the frost. With the “drop” sound buy fifa 18 coins sounded, is to capture the target scout Yang Shaoda from the command car seat leap, quickly grabbed reconnaissance hut coins went to battle. 5 aiming buy fifa 18 coins, 10 groups of target points … … multi-batch, multi-target combination of training,

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