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Curry after the campaign steals more than 2k mt Barry

Curry playoff career three-point shot to 262, he 2k mt the “seven kings” Robert – Horry, living ninth in history. Curry after the campaign steals more than Rick Barry, became the Warriors history playoff steals the king. Before the 2k mt, little Thomas took his son Jedeng to a press conference, he played a media reporter asked his son: “Wall is so fast, what can you do to stop him?” Jason’s answer is : “If I had a pair of 2k mt that could speed up, I was able to catch up with Wall and be able to cover Wall’s dunk.” In the series nba 2k17 myteam mt, the Celtics let the Wizards played 16-0 start, in the first section was 17 points behind. The Celtics in the first section of the game to dig a big pit, then they can fill this time this pit?

Obviously, little Thomas and his teammates did not have the ability to speed up the 2k mt, so they could not prevent Wall. The game up a wave on the impact of the basket succeeded, and soon he hit two remember three points, and then continue to assists teammates score, led the Wizards played 16-8 start. In the first section left 5 minutes 01 seconds, Morris hit three points success, the Wizards have pulled the buy myteam coins to 26-16. Wall is really unstoppable, he took the first section of 19 points and 6 assists, led the Wizards to 42-29 lead, which is only their team’s playoffs the highest single score less 1 2k mt. But the Wizards can not prevent small Thomas, small Thomas played in the first section for 10 minutes, then 7 vote 5 (3 points 3 in 2), 3 free throw 3 took 15 points.


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