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Cartier has also transformed from a single jeweler to a fashion leader covering the high-level jewelry

Innovation never stops

As the third generation of the Cartier family representatives, both the artist’s temperament and genius of the business mind of the eldest son Louis will Cartier to a new

the height of. Unlike the luxury Cartier love bracelet replica that are proud of traditional techniques and tradition, Louis has given Cartier more innovative elements. In 1910, Cartier for the Belgian Queen Elizabeth II designed to produce a scroll shape and royal crown as the theme of the crown. This also marks the world’s first with platinum with diamonds of Cartier has these symbolic pattern performance superb, showing the Cartier extremely exquisite jewelry process.

From the beginning of the twentieth century, Louis Cartier learned some of the design inspiration and style from Egypt, Persia, the Far East and the Russian ballet (the Ballets russes), and tried to use new materials such as agate and corals, thus forming a new The artistic style. This style in 1925 held in Paris after the International Exhibition of modern decoration and arts and crafts, known as the “Art Deco” (Art Deco), and further lead the trend of art and fashion at that time.

In 1912, Cartier “charm magic” clock came out, the most beautiful works are six porch bells and twelve Chinese bells. These clocks for Cartier’s extraordinary significance, known as the priceless treasure of the watch industry. In 1924, Louis Cartier for the famous poet Jean Cocteau designed a unique and innovative Cartier three-ring ring, surrounded by three gold ring symbolizes: friendship (platinum), loyalty (gold) and love (rose gold) The After that, this swept the world’s design is used in Cartier’s more watch and accessories design. Under the leadership and management of Louis Cartier, such innovations are different, and Cartier has also transformed from a single jeweler to a fashion leader covering the high-level jewelry, watches and accessories market.

Time is like a white horse. 160 years later, Cartier’s dedication to change is still as ever. “Cartier is a monster with only 10 legs.To win the enemy in the market environment to win, it is necessary to take the lead in action before others,” said Cartier’s current global president Bernard Fernas said.

And in the Chinese market, it is Cartier never stop the pioneer of the modern version of the posture. Although Cartier does not recognize is to cater to Chinese consumers, but both PASHA series to the classic PASHERE series have shown a clear Chinese characteristics, especially in the “Dragon Kiss” series, Chinese characters, dragon, flower window, wishful And even the Chinese gods are in the form of a blend of milk in its jewelry design. On a certain level, the meaning of China for Cartier is the future, Cartier love ring replica apparently want China to bring its opportunities as two centuries ago in France. The only difference is that Cartier’s current focus has shifted from the nobility to the civilian population.

In Cartier’s view, the classic meaning does not mean high above it, in addition to its unique, but also means always different. And continuous innovation and revolution, it is the best way to maintain this difference. Therefore, Cartier can only never slack off.

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