If you want to fix the position, Dell needs to know his best position

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Tottenham coach Bosch Tuo Tuo said that if Eric – Dell in the team do not want to play back and kick the midfield, then he needs to prove himself in a position is an indispensable existence The

This season, Dell is often arranged in the midfield position, but he needs to assume more tasks in the defense, and this is not because of the absence of a knee injury, Vanya is expected to be absent for three weeks, and due to the summer of the new aid Sanchez in the defense line on the performance of reassuring, Dell is likely to continue to play in the more forward position for some time.

Dell has been accustomed to playing a versatile role in the Bocetino, he can adapt to double guard or three defender of the play, to serve as midfielder, and occasionally guest team right back. Dell had never made it clear that he wanted to play a fixed position, but Manchester United expressed interest in him this summer, and promised to give him a fixed field position, this condition is quite attractive.

Bocetino stressed that Dell’s position in the flexibility is a long-term rather than weakness, which not only allows him to get a place in the starting lineup.
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“If Dell can prove that he is one of the best players in the world in a position, then he would be great, and if you are a good player who can play a different position, then you will Have more playing opportunities. ”

“I think the most important thing in the season is that he is the most players in the team, and when you are a player, you will definitely want to play in the starting lineup,” added Bocetino. Dell can do a different position on the pitch, midfielder, midfielder or side guard, the coach can put him in a different position, it is great.

Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday will be the London stadium against West Ham, three years ago, Dell and West Ham is in the game debut, and into the winning goal to help the team win, that game he In the back position and kicked half-time and then served as the right back.

In the first year of joining Tottenham from Lisbon, Dell was only used as a defender, but with the arrival of Pauline and Capri, he tried to kick in the subsequent preseason field. “At that time we risked no further midfielder, but the results were pretty good, and Dell’s performance was worthy of all the praise, and the team’s decision was courageous,” he said. Thieves the opportunity to play in this team.

Bocetino prefer to use Dumbler to partner Dell, but the current Belgians are still struggling with the left foot injury.

Tottenham Hotspur next month’s schedule is grim, their opponents in the Premier League include Bournemouth, Liverpool and Manchester United, the League Cup they will be against West Ham, and in the Champions League they need to face On Real Madrid.

“The possibility of dealing with his injury is very important to us, and the doctors, physiotherapists, sports science specialists and coaches have a good relationship between them,” said Bocetino, who may be reassessed. The communication, we all try to help him, help him is to help the team.
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Spoilers Note: 7.32 Illidan and Tyrande and others voice lines

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  In the opening door to Argus opened, Legion base camp into my line of sight that moment, I know, I will not come back. No matter how my fate will be, I will face bravely. But … there are many unfinished business. There are some old wounds I hope to see them heal.

  This crystal carries two messages, one for my brother Malfurion and the other to Tyrande.

  I believe you will send them to me, the Warriors. After they had heard my words, took the crystal to the top of Mount Hyjal and put it with the eternal well.

  You have witnessed my past, heroes. Now I want you to help me finish my career.

  I am not a perceptual person, but to say what is proof of my dedication to Azeroth, that is the eternal well, which I created in the distant past the power of the source.

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There was nothing to think about in the past. I gave you the crystal actually contains more than two pieces of information, but three. The last one is for you, the warrior.

  You have proved everything you have for Azeroth. Your dedication and sacrifice with me not much better. But I hope you can pay more and much more. Even now, the enemy is still assembled, the dark also wanton growth.

  From now on, to defend our cherish the burden of the world, it fell on you.

  Malfurion, in the mother’s body, our wrestling began. Struggling with our life. The teachings of Cenarius will always guide you on the way.

  I felt another call, it was a long-sought power. But it is not used to conquer or rule the power, but the end of the tragic means, from the hands of the dead can not resist the rescue of Azeroth’s trump card.

  You never believed me, though I probably did not make you better. But now, when my fate is so clear, I expect to calm the conflict between us. Even if the regiment no longer exists, new enemies will still appear. And when faced with them, my most trusted is still you, brother. Your life is fighting for the possible dream of Azeroth, and now you have to fight for its reality. Take care of Tyrande and listen to her advice. She will always be our best partner. The road will be very long, but no matter what the front, I wish you can bring the glory of the name of the wind.

  Tyrande, a long time ago, you have believed me so much that defiance of Malfurion’s desire to let me regain freedom from prison, but in the long years you have lost my faith. Like my brother, you begin to believe that all the choices I have made take me to the darkness. You have to know that there is only one purpose in front of the road that I choose, that is, to save our world, and we will never compromise. When I am confused and confused, I know that in you, I will be able to find the truth. In the darkest of times, you have done everything for Azeroth, Tyrande. Your faith, your devotion. My faith in you never wavering. And now, my fate, my responsibility, has been decided. The task of defending Azeroth, I can only leave you, and my brother. Take care of him, Tyrande.

  Although I will never expect your heart to make another choice, but in the end, I know your choice is right.


  My life has gone through two times. Mother of God, I pray that I will not have a third time.

  I felt the strength of a warlock on this piece of crystal.

  Full of apologies, but I always feel that this is not necessarily his truth.

  When Illidan was lost on the dark temple, I worked hard for a long time to throw away my suspicions and bitterness. When I knew that he was alive and still crushing the coast to lead the battle against the Corps, I could not go and meet him. Now the opportunity to meet has no longer have. It seems that he has to complete the cause … and we also have. Let’s get started, Warriors.


  There is a familiar voice in the crystal.

  My brother made a selfish choice, and countless people were so hard. His fault can not be forgiven. But … we have also fight for the common purpose … … that is how good the day ah.

  But it is not time to tangulate personal scores. We have to treat this world, the warriors. The soul of this world is suffering.


  Aglama! Brother, lend your strength to these mortals.

  No! We endure so much, can not be such an end!

  The strength of the sea and the sky must assist our warriors, Gaugonais!

  Let the anger of the sea clean this corrupt it!

  Katz Gross! For our mortals with our mark!

  You can find the enemy’s weakness!

  Lonely man’s anger burning, hurry, warriors! Destroy these creatures!

  Use their power, I will distort the time to assist our allies!

  Mortal failed. The last Titan … … could not keep it.

  Our warriors have failed. There is nothing to stop the destruction of all things … …

  Our battle failed … Burning Legion will devour all of us.

  Time is standing on my side, lonely! This strength is enough to suppress your reckless anger!

The essence of Iona

  Aglama: they can have a perfect container for my strength, the highest father!

  Io Na: There is hope, the highest father. The light of life is still shining in the mortal body.

  Io’na: resurrection, warrior! Fight for the world to save you!
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